Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Member Companies

Ocean Sercurity

Ocean Hospitality and Service Joint Stock Company (OCS) has a charter capital of 300 billion dong and will increase its charter capital to 600 billion dong in 2013. The company's goal is to continue to modernize its technology infrastructure and service innovation with flexible, accurate and secure application technology solutions. Developing integrated solutions and modern connectivity to ensure seamless online transaction connection with HOSE and HNX.

Ocean Securities has successfully carried out consulting and management roles for public corporate customers and other financial institutions. OceanSecurities' consultancy services are available in depth, meeting standards and packages. The quality of consultancy services provided by OceanSecurities has been verified and evaluated through efficiency, values for customers and enterprises.

Business services:

  • Securities Brokerage
  • Securities house
  • Financial consultancy and securities investment
  • Securities issuing guarantee
  • Depositary stock

Hanoi Bac Giang BOT Investment Joint Stock Company

Established in 2014, the company implemented the investment project for the construction of the rehabilitation and upgrading of National Highway No.1, Ha Noi - Bac Giang - Start point: KM 113 + 985 - Former National Highway 1 (belonging to Highway 31) under Bac Giang City, Bac Giang Province; End point: Km159 + 100 - Highway 1 (former Phu Dong toll station) in the vicinity of Hanoi. The project has a total length of 45.8 km.

The company consists of consortium investors: OceanGroup, Vinaconex, 319 and Van Phu Invest, including OceanGroup owns 21%

Ocean Hospitality

As a member of Ocean Group, Ocean Hospitality and Service Joint Stock Company (OCH) is specialized in business, hotel management, resort real estate, food, building management and related services. In the past time, OceanHospitality has invested in and developed two StarCity hotels obtaining 4-star international standard and Sunrise obtaining 5-star international standard with the criteria to affirm the position of Viet brand hotel.

With strategic vision, 2012 marked the strong development of OceanHospitality through the expansion of business to the field of building management, initial investment to build coffee Givral brand in two cities as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

There is a staff of intelligent, sharp leadership, enthusiasm, creativity, OceanHospitality is building strong steps to confidently become the leading enterprise in Vietnam in hotel, service business, also affirm the position of the company to seize opportunities in order to constantly develop.

Info Comex

Following success in finance and trade, Ocean Group has established INFO Commodity Exchange to improve and enhance the Group’s synergy.

With the support of two founding shareholders, Ocean Hospitality and Service Joint Stock Company and Ocean Commercial Joint Stock Bank, INFO Commodity Exchange expects to establish a complete, professional and transparent commodity trading market to increase the benefits for commercial enterprises as well as commodity producers.

INFO Commodity Exchange has set the goal of becoming a familiar bridge for all enterprises and producers with a multi-dimensional connection between the financial market and the commodity market, between the domestic market and the international market.

With the charter capital of 150 billion dong, INFO is actively preparing to trade coffee, rubber, steel and other commodities in accordance with the law from the early 2014.