• 2007

    5/2007: Establishment of Ocean Group
  • 2009

    01/01/2009: Ocean Group Joint Stock Company (OGC) invests and holds dominant shares in Ocean Securities Joint Stock Company.

    31/12/2009: OGC invests and holds dominant shares in Ocean Media Joint Stock Company, Ocean Hospitality and Service Joint Stock Company, VNT Infrastructure Development Investment Joint Stock Company.

    31/12/2009: OGC holds 50% control right in Trang Tien Ice Cream Joint Stock Company.

  • 2010

    01/01/2010: Mark the development and growth path of scale and field of operation, Ocean Group has announced a new brand identity system with images showing the new values of a multi-sectoral economic corporation with dynamic and sustainable development.

    09/4/2010: Officially launch the grassroots trade union - Ocean Group Joint Stock Company. The trade union represents the entire staff of the Company, helps the employees work better and contribute more effectively to the organization and society.

    16/4/2010: OGC has been approved by the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange to list with a charter capital of 2,500 billion VND. The market capitalization of OGC is approximately 10,400 billion VND, increase by 38.7% compared to the floor price. The liquidity of OGC stock code is relatively high and is frequently included in the list of 10 most-traded shares. The stock code is currently a blue chip code on the Hose.

    14/7/2010: OGC cooperates with SSG to build a major trade center in Van Thanh, Binh Thanh District - Ho Chi Minh City. According to this agreement, Ocean Group will be entitled to exploit 5 floors of the tower as a trade center.

    01/10/2010: Ocean Hospitality and Service Joint Stock Company, a member of Ocean Group, has listed 100 million shares on HNX Stock Exchange with the total value of listed shares of 1 trillion VND.

    7/10/2010: OGC signs a business cooperation agreement with Legamex and Lega Fashion House in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a mixed project of Fashion - Trade - Service Center and office building with a floor area of 60,000m2 and total investment capital of 800 billion dong.

    31/12/2010: Launch 5 star StarCity Saigon hotel, one of the first hotels in the system of StarCity-brand hotel chains of Ocean Hospitality and Service Joint Stock Company, a member of Ocean Group.

  • 2011

    22/6/2011: Ocean Group and Vietnam Railways Corporation sign a comprehensive cooperation agreement to exploit and promote the strengths, experiences and capabilities of each party in the areas of business operation.

    11/7/2011: Ocean Hospitality and Service Joint Stock Company, Ocean Commercial Joint Stock Bank - a member of Ocean Group and Lao Cai International Hotel Joint Venture Company sign a loan and hotel management agreement for the project of building international 4-star hotel standard and entertainment complex in Lao Cai.

    19/8/2011: Ocean Group and Border Guard High Command sign a comprehensive cooperation agreement to implement the investment and business project of "Trade Center - Office - Hotel - Apartment for lease at 25 Tran Khanh Du, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi". According to the cooperation agreement, the Border Guard High Command chose Ocean Group as the partner to invest, carry out the construction and exploit the project. This project has a total area of 5,400m2 and the total investment capital is estimated at about 600 billion dong.

    9/2011: Implement the OceanMart system. This is a trade center network with functions of commercial banks, agricultural product purchasing centers for rural agriculture, trade centers, supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment centers in districts, towns and provincially-run cities, aiming to meet diverse needs of finance, credit, commerce and services, support people in supply of cheap and high-quality goods, provide plant seeds, fertilizers, pesticides to farmers and create jobs for a part of people in rural areas.

  • 2012

    01/2012: Launch and put into operation for Sunrise Hoi An Resort reaching international 4-star standard with 222 rooms and villas facing the sea.

    17/2/2012: Sign a cooperation agreement with Border Guard High Command. Contents include: Border Guard High Command propagandas and mobilizes people in the border area, advises the local authorities and organizations to create a favorable environment for the maintenance and development of socio-economic projects that OGC invests in the border area. OGC directs the member units to take the initiative in coordinating with the Border Guard High Command, the Command of Border Guard in the provinces, cities and the Border Guard units in order to build the border villages as the bright places of socio-economic development and defense-security.

    12/2012: Launch Ha Dong OceanMart - trade center and Thang Long OceanMall. These two supermarkets provide over 20,000 varieties of goods with a commitment to provide safe, high-quality, fresh, green and clean products to customers with perfect style and quality of service. The items are displayed by each category and are separated into zones, which makes it easy for consumers to choose according to their needs. In addition to the traditional services of modern trade centers, OceanMart continues offering many services to bring more benefits to customers, such as free delivery service, online shopping...

  • 2013

    22/4/2013: Establish INFO Commodity Exchange under the License issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, with a charter capital of 150 billion VND and transaction of 3 main items: coffee, rubber and steel. With the aim of contributing to connecting the domestic commodity market with the international market, eliminating the production gap and market gap, combating price speculation and forcing to buy at low price by traders, standardizing Vietnamese commodities, mobilizing capital for production... INFO Commodity Exchange is expected to become a reliable information channel to help farmers be confident to reach the international market.

    7/2013: Continuing the success of Ha Dong OceanMart and Thang Long OceanMart, on 26/7/2013, Ocean Retail and Assets Management Joint Stock Company (Ocean Retail) officially opens the third supermarket - Thanh Xuan OceanMart, at Vincom Mega Mall - Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai, Hanoi. For providing consumers with a reliable place to shop, Ocean Retail is committed to bringing the difference from its OceanMart-brand supermarket chain, making customers trust in its origin, quality, price and convenience of shopping.

    11/2013: Ocean Retail has added Trung Hoa OceanMart (launched in October 2013) and Pham Ngoc Thach OceanMart (launched in November 2013).

  • 2014

    22/02/2014: Ocean Group participates in the project of upgrading and improving Hanoi - Bac Giang Expressway in the form of BOT.

    03/10/2014: Ocean Group announces to transfer shares at Ocean Retail. Accordingly, 100% of shares of Ocean Retail has been transferred to the partners, of which 70% of shares has been transferred to Vingroup.

    03/10/2014: Ocean Group officially signs a contract for the project of upgrading and improving National Route No.1, section of Ha Noi - Bac Giang with the Ministry of Transport.

  • 2015

    4/2015: the State Bank acquires Ocean Bank for zero dong. Ocean Bank is no longer an Associate of the Ocean Group.

    8/2015: Successfully transfer shares at Blue Star Joint Stock Company (separated from Ocean Thang Long Investment Joint Stock Company) with the profit recognized in the consolidated financial statement approximately of 1,700 billion.

  • 2016

    03/01/2016: Complete and open to traffic for Highway 1A in the section of Hanoi - Bac Giang.

    15/01/2016: Launch and put into operation for Starcity Nha Trang Hotel (4-star international standard brand) with 204 rooms.

    25/05/2016: Officially operate and collect the payback fee of Hanoi - Bac Giang Expressway project.

    14/9/2016: Break ground for the project of Trade Center - Office - Hotel - Apartment for lease at 25 Tran Khanh Du, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.